COMP 4500 Senior Project

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This course provides senior computer science students with realistic experience in analyzing and defining problems, designing and developing algorithms, implementing, testing and evaluating and presenting the solution. Students are expected to choose an appropriate research topic in consultation with the instructor, each other, and other computer science or appropriate faculty. Students will have a literature survey, and then identify potential solutions to the problem(s) stated in the project. Students are expected to attend regularly assigned class and project group meetings and develop a research project that will demonstrate that the students have a working knowledge of the basic and advanced concepts in computer science as well as a reasonable knowledge of the recent developments in computer science. Each project should include at least some software development that has been approved by the instructor. Students write status reports and make presentations that describe the background, proposed solution and plans of the projects. After understanding the project and the proposed solution thoroughly, students are required to develop problem solving methods, and then implement, test and evaluate the solution. On completion, students will produce a technical report. In addition, a project web site should be created and updated weekly with the


Work with your team actively, and contact to your supervisor whenever you have problem!


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