Training and Outreach Program in GIS,


Project Summary

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Providing practical and useful research-based training program in the 21st century is critical to promote the skill of specialists, researchers and county extension agents. A rapid growth in interest in the addition of a spatial perspective to extension has been seen in recent years. In part this growth has been driven by the availability of georeferenced data, and the tools to analyze and visualize them using geospatial information systems (GISystems). Tennessee State University cooperative extension is starting new effort which emphasizes education and transfer of GIS technologies to stakeholders throughout Tennessee.

The current project has two-fold objectives:

1) to initiate hands on training on use of GISystems in extension services for the current cohort of extension agents, specialists and researchers in Tennessee;

2) to develop outreach resources and disseminate Best Management Practices using the GIS infrastructure during and after the workshop series has been completed.

This project is supported by NIFA through Capacity Building Grants Program.



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