HONR 3002

Elizabeth Immaculate, Untouched, Uncensored

Young Liza

For our HONR 3002   course  we have explored the history and culture of 16thand 17th century England but also a good bit of film theory and cultural studies. Since her reign ended in 1603, Elizabeth Tudor, a.k.a. Queen Elizabeth I, has come to define our vision of what it means to be a queen. She still reigns supreme in popular culture with a made-for-television mini-series on HBO in 2006 raking in numerous awards and two big screen films about her slated for release in 2007.  

Why do people still debate about her reign? What is the fascination with this woman who broke all the rules for her period and became an unintentional feminist?

We have discussed, debated, and analyzed all of these elements and questions! This website culminates our  class by looking at    Elizabeth Tudor as cultural icon and enduring "text" on which various authors and authors have "written."  This website exists to help direct folks who are interested in Elizabeth Tudor based on their reading or viewing of various popular texts to learn more about the "real" Elizabeth. This is only a starting point, and we are indebted to all of the online Tudor fans who have already created many of the resources to which we will direct you.









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