Dexter Cattle

A Small-Scale Breed for Small-Scale Production

Tennessee State University established a herd of Dexter cattle in 2015 to complement the meat goat breeding program. The Dexter is a small-framed British breed that is dual-purpose in type. It is considered a heritage breed like the Myotonic and Spanish goat breeds. The Dexter cattle will be used to assess the production potential of non-traditional small-breed cattle for small-scale beef production.


The TSU Dexter cattle are registered in the American Dexter Cattle Association  herdbook . Along with Jon and Shamrock, three additional herd sires have been introduced to the TSU herd with photos to be posted soon: Red Gate O'Conner , Shiloh Hills Mighty Gus , and Hernando Point Norval .



Shome Jon 62

Weight: 1240#

Hip Height: 46"


LAF Black Licorich

Weight: 1290#

Hip Height: 48"

Sold to NY


RHV Shamrock

Weight: 950#

Hip Height: 44.25"




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