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In addition to the work that Dr. Phambu does at TSU, he is involved with numerous international foundations such as the Luila Village Foundation. The Luila Village Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c) corporation that provides clean drinking water to the Luila Village (in Congo, Africa) and its surrounding areas. The clean water that is produced from the innovations of Dr. Phambu and other chemists, is supplied to both school children and hospitalized children.

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 To learn more about the Luila foundation, and Dr. Phambu's involvement in the foundation, please visit their website:


Dr. Phambu is also deeply involved in education. He works with Felicity Motivational Group, a national online tutoring company, to provide free online tutoring to minority students and those with financial need, who would not be able to afford it otherwise. He truly believes that the purpose of education is not just to educate, but also to motivate.


Dr. Phambu also works as a scientific consultant on the local radio show Radio Free Nashville (WRFN), 98.9 FM. The show is a targeted towards French speaking inhabitants of Nashville, Tennessee. Every Saturday morning, from 7 - 9 am, his show can be heard both online and on the radio. Feel free to visit the website to listen to some transcripts.






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