Personal Interests

Life Outside of My Profession


Classical and early European music (mainly as a listener, but I do play the piano a little and once took harpsichord lessons, and I will still play tunes on an alto recorder on occasion).


I don't know what I'm doing, but I keep reading and enjoy it.


I have recently taken up canine agility.  As a handler I send my dog through a series of obstacles (tunnels, jumps, teeter-totter, etc.) on a course.  Best time with fewest errors wins.  So far we are still learning and have not competed.


International folk dancing (there was lots at Minnesota, but not much in the south generally)

Contra Dancing and Ceili (there is quite a bit of this in the Middle Tennessee-Kentucky region


My family is originally from Illinois, but I grew up in New Orleans.  My brother David and my sister Kathleen live in the Boston area in a giant house which my brother's partner is continually renovating.  My sister Anne lives in the Asheville, NC, area.  My parents recently retired to New Hampshire with their dog.

My home life revolves around my husband John Miglietta and dog Flash--who is more like a substitute child than we are always willing to admit.

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