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Interests & Background


  • PISI 360 International Relations
  • PISI 310 Research Methodology
  • PISI 369 Theoretical Approaches to International Relations
  • PISI 370 International Security Studies
  • PISI 393 International Political Economy


  • Ph.D. Politics and International Relations, University of Aberdeen, Scotland; 1990
  • Major Fields: Strategic Studies, Theory of International Relations, and International Political Economy.
  • Thesis/Dissertation: Strategic Imperatives, British Defense Policy, and the Case of the Falklands War 1982. Awarded a High Pass by the External Examiner, Professor Peter Nailor, Royal Naval College, London.
  • M.A. International Relations, University of Kent at Canterbury, England; 1985.
  • Post Graduate Diploma, Social Sciences, University of Stockholm, Sweden; 1984.
  • Post Graduate Diploma, Diplomacy and International Relations, Institute of International Relations, University of the West Indies, Trinidad, 1982.
  • B.A. History and Secondary Education, Middle East College, Beirut, Lebanon; 1976. Graduated Magna Cum Laude.
  • Teaching Specialty: PISI 360 International Relations, PISI 310 Research Methodology, PISI 369 Theoretical Approaches to International Relations, PISI 370 International Security Studies, PISI 393 International Political Economy.








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