Korsi Dumenyo, Ph.D.

Korsi Dumenyo, Ph.D.

Department of Agricultural Sciences
Tennessee State University
3500 John Merritt Blvd (Box 9610)
Nashville, TN 37209


A Ph.D. with expertise in bacterial genetics and genomics, host-microbe interaction, gene regulation, quorum sensing, plant tissue culture and genetic transformation and student training at the BS, MS and PhD levels.


University of Missouri-Columbia
Degree: Ph.D. in Plant Pathology, May 2000

Tuskegee University, Alabama
Degree: M.S. in Plant & Soil Sciences, May 1994

University of Ghana, Legon, Ghana
Degree: B.Sc. (Honours) Crop Science, Sept 1990.

Professional Experience

Research Asst Prof, Department of Agricultural Sciences, Tennessee State University, Nashville. Aug. 2008 to Present. Research program with the focus on understanding the genetic mechanisms underlying pathogenesis of Plant Pathogenic soft rot Erwinia and Pseudomonas species which cause many diseases on diverse crop diseases. Using reporter transposon mutagenesis to catalogue and understand the roles of various genes in the pathogens ability to produce virulence factors and cause disease.

Research Asst Prof, Institute of Agricultural & Environmental Research, Tennessee State University, Nashville. Aug. 2005 to Aug. 2008. Established a research program with the focus on understanding the genetic mechanisms underlying pathogenesis of plant pathogenic Pseudomonas and soft rot Erwinia species which cause many diseases on many plant diseases. Also to study the roles of several genes in the virulence of the pathogen. Worked to develop molecular genetic-based biocontrol approaches for bacterial diseases on ornamental crops.

Post-doctoral Scientist, Department of Plant Pathology, University of California-Riverside. May 2000 to July 2005. Undertook research to understand the genetic mechanisms underlying pathogenesis of Xylella fastidiosa, the causal bacterium of Pierce’s disease of grapes and many other plant diseases. Studied the role of several genes in the virulence of the pathogen. Worked on developing molecular genetic and biocontrol approaches for the diseases caused by Xylella fastidiosa. Also studied gene expression profiling of X. fastidiosa using microarrays to identify and characterize the genes involved in rsmA’s control of biofilm formation and pathogenicity.

Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Plant Microbiology & Pathology, University of Missouri-Columbia. August 1993 to May 2000. Conducted research on molecular genetic determinants of pathogenesis by the bacterial pathogens, Erwinia amylovora, Pectobacterium (Erwinia) carotovora, and Pseudomonas syringae. Worked towards the PhD degree

Graduate Research Assistant, Center for Plant Biotechnology Research, Tuskegee University, Alabama. August 1991 to August 1993. Conducted research on genetic transformation and tissue culture of sweetpotato. Worked on the development of an in vitro tissue regeneration protocol for sweetpotato.

Active Grants

Title:Strengthening Agricultural and Environmental Research at Tennessee State University: Student Experiential Training in Current Techniques for Environmental Analysis

Period: October 2007 to September 2009

Funding agency: USDA-CSREES

Amount: $ ~200,000.00

Role: Co-Investigator

Title:Strengthening Agricultural Biotechnology: Assessing perceptions of farmers and consumers and providing training workshops for stakeholders in Ghana.

Period: February 2008 – February 2009

Funding agency/organization: USDA Foreign Agricultural Service

Total Amount: $ 100,000.00

Role: Co-Investigator

Past Grants:

Construction of a genome-wide promoter-probe library of the pathogen, Erwinia carotovora to screen of host signal-induced and -repressed genes. Tenn. State Univ. Faculty Research Award. 12,000.00

Identification of an experimental host plant for the analysis of Xylella fastidiosa pathogenicity. Temecula Valley Winegrowes Association John Moramarco Scholarship Award. A $5000.00 competitive research grant. 2003.

Honors and Awards

1999. Superior Graduate Achievement Award, University of Missouri Graduate School.

1993. 2nd Place Graduate Paper, Sigma Xi Research Symposium, Tuskegee University.

Honor Society Membership

Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society. Elected full member 2001

Professional Affiliations

American Society for Microbiology (since 1995)

American Phytopathological Society (since 1994).

Panel activities

Panel of Judges for Competitive Grants Program, USDA-CREES, 2008

Panel of Judges for Student Research Presentations, Alabama A&M University

Panel of Judges of Competitive Poster, 14th Biennial Research Symposium of Association of Research Directors of 1890 Land Grant Universities. April 2006, Atlanta, GA

Manuscript Reviewer for:

Plant Disease


Engineering in Life Sciences


Publications   (listing)

Oral Posters & Presentations   (listing)


Graduate Student Advisement and Committees

  1. Student Name: Paul Agyemang, PhD Student in Biological Sciences

    Title of Thesis (tentative): Host Regulation of Pathogenicity in soft rot Erwinia

    Role : Dissertation Advisor

  2. Student Name: Antoinette Gaston, PhD Student in Biological Sciences

    Title of Thesis (tentative): Characterization of Chromobacterium violaceum isolated from Tennessee Copper basin

    Role: Committee Member

  3. Student Name: Karen Burke, PhD Student in Biological Sciences

    Title of Thesis (tentative): Insecticidal proteins of Bacillus spp.

    Role: Committee Member

  4. Student Name: Caleb Kersey, PhD Student in Biological Sciences

Title of Thesis (tentative): Phytoremediation and Microbial Community Successions during recovery of lands degraded by mining.

Role (Chair/Coordinator, Member): Committee Member

Undergraduate Student training


    1. Marie Blacksmith Ag. Sci Major Since Fall 2006


    1. Amelia Jones Ag. Sci Major; 2005/06 Senior Project
    2. Yuliya Phillips Ag. Sci. Major Fall 2007
    3. Latoya Moore Ag. Sci. Major Spring 2006
    4. Courtney Jackson Ag. Sci. Major Spring 2006






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