Cooperative Extension

Tennessee State University Cooperative Extension Program exists to help educate and provide information to limited-resource urban and rural families, small farmers, individuals, other groups and organizations. We use research-based information and technology to focus on priorities and needs which help to improve quality of life.

In order to accomplish our mission, the TSU Cooperative Extension Program will:

  1.  Provide educational programs in the areas of agriculture and natural resources, community and rural development, 4-H youth development, and family        and consumer sciences.
  2.  Operate with public (federal, state, county) and private financial support.
  3.  Provide educational outreach in selected counties through county faculty and subject-matter faculty.
  4.  Help individuals, families, agencies, organizations and communities identify and solve-problems.
  5.  Enhance the economic and social viabilities of the communities.
  6.  Involve county and state advisory committees in our programmatic efforts.

Our vision is to be a leader in outreach educational programs for continuous learning opportunities.  To make this vision a reality, Extension will:

  1.  Network with The University of Tennessee, other state land-grant universities, and with other sources of research-based information.
  2.  Build a competent and innovative staff committed to excellence.
  3.  Offer an expanded network of volunteers.
  4.  Establish coalitions with agencies at local, state, national, and international levels.
  5.  Establish public trust in the organization’s stewardship of human, financial and natural resources.

Programmatic Goals

Goal 1: Enhance the global participation, competitiveness, and profitability of agricultural producers, especially family farmers, non-traditional producers, and those who lack adequate economic and social resources.

Goal 2:  Improve decision-making by consumers and policy-makers to ensure a sustainable, safe, affordable and nutritious food supply through enhanced research, education and Extension activities.

Goal 3:  Increase the capacity of individuals, families and communities to assure a health well-nourished population.

Goal 4:  Enhance the environmental protection efforts of small, limited-resource landowners, communities and families through educational programs that emphasize and encourage the adoption of sustainable consumer and production practices.

Goal 5:  Empower youth, families and communities to enhance the growth and development of business and industrial sectors.


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