Illicit Discharge Policy and Spill Hotline

 An illicit discharge is defined as any non-stormwater, except for the following discharges:

  • waterline flushing;
  • landscape irrigation;
  • foundation drains, air conditioning condensation;
  • rising ground waters;
  • individual residential car washing;
  • street wash water.

 Click here for the TSU Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination Policy.

Illicit discharge reporting system

Any trash, any liquids or anything dumped on pavement, concrete, or any other impervious surface, please call:

  • (615) 963-5683 During regular business hours (MF;8-4:30); after business hours, please leave a voice message
  • 911 If the spill or activity represents an immediate threat to human health or the environment

If you observe a situation on campus that could likely cause a spill or discharge in the future, please call (615) 963-5683 during regular business hours. We appreciate your help with identifying problems that may impact the TSU storm sewer system and surface waters. Calls can be made anonymously.

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