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MCCAULEY, DEBORAH  Health Admin and Scien  Administrative Assistant IV  615-963-7367 
MCCLAIN, ELIZABETH  History, Geography, & Political Sci  Assistant Professor  615-963-5503 
MIGLIETTA, JOHN  History, Geography, & Political Sci  Professor  615-963-5515 
MCGAHEY, DOUGLAS  Honors Program  Associate Director  615-963-5803 
MCINTYRE, ALLYSON  Incubation Center Restricted  Assistant To  615-963-7151 
MERCHANT, AMANDA  Information Technology  User Liaison  615-963-7686 
MILLER, JOHN  Information Technology  Help Desk Manager  615-963-7777 
MURRAY, ANNA  Information Technology  Systems Consultant  615-963-1598 
MORRIS, SHARON  Institutional Effectiveness  Computer Programmer 2  615-963-1357 
MERRIWETHER, JENETTA  Instructional Support  Administrative Assistant III  615-963-5643 
MARTIN, MARQUAN  Instructional Support  Teacher 2  615-963-5531 
MERRIMON, MARSHA  Instructional Support Restricted  Administrative Assistant II  615-963-7520 
MONTMARQUET, JAMES  Lang and Literature and Phil  Professor  615-963-5734 
MOJICA-DIAZ, CLARA  Lang and Literature and Phil  Professor  615-963-5739 
MURILLO, CYNTHIA  Lang and Literature and Phil  Assistant Professor  615-963-1532 
MAZZONE, MARC  Lang and Literature and Phil  Associate Professor  615-963-5727 
MCCALLISTER, MICHELANGELO  Legal Counsel  Contract Administrator  615-963-1345 
MCGAHA, ANITA  Legal Counsel  Executive Admin Assistant  615-963-7924 
MCELHINEY, DON  Library  Media Specialist  615-963-7198 
MOON, FLETCHER  Library  Assistant Dir/Assoc Prof  615-963-5205 
MIAH, ERNEST  Library  Library Assistant 3  615-963-5229 
MARBURY, CASSANDRA  Massie Chair/TLSAMP  Administrative Assistant IV  615-963-5501 
MMBAGA, MARGARET  Mcminnville Nursery Crop Rsh Sta  Professor  931-668-3563 
MANN, GAILE  Mechanical Engr  Administrative Assistant III  615-963-5391 
MCGRATH II, GERALD  Men's Golf  Temporary Help Exempt  615-963-1855 
MCDONALD, REGINALD  Music  Assoc. Prof-Acting Band Dir.  615-963-5353 
MARSHALL, CYNTHIA  New Residence Center  Temporary Help Non-Exempt  615-963-5361 
MIZE, ANTHONY  New Residence Center  Temporary Help Exempt  615-963-3830 
MARKLIN, SANDRA  Nursing Education  Temp Instruction-Two Semesters  615-963-5252 
MUTERSPAUGH, MATTHEW  Physics and Math  Assistant Professor  615-963-5816 
MIRANI, MOZHGAN  Physics and Math  Assistant Professor  615-963-5865 
MARPAKA, PADMAVATHI  Post Office  Postal Clerk  615-963-5047 
MILLER, DAVID  Psychology  Assistant Professor  615-963-5345 
MANGRICH-SMITH, CASSANDRA  Records  Veterans Affairs Supervisor  615-963-5101 
MARTIN, NANNETTE  Research and Spons Programs  Specialist  615-963-5827 
MARTIN, SONYA  Social Work  Administrative Assistant II  615-963-7667 
MOORE, REBECCA  Social Work  Associate Professor  615-963-7022 
MILLER, OSCAR  Sociology  Department Head  615-963-5559 
MCKETHAN, SHAKISIA  Sociology  Administrative Assistant III  615-963-5511 
MAHMOUD, MAHGOUB  Sociology  Professor  615-963-5554 
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