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GREENLEE II, JERRY  Extension Services  Extension Agent  615-963-1351 
GONZALEZ, EMILY  Extension Services  Extension Agent-Knox County  865-215-3558 
GUM, HEATHER  Extension Services  Program Assistant(7.5 hrs/day)  615-898-7710 
GODDARD, DEBORAH  Extension Services  Temporary Help Exempt  615-963-1828 
GREER, AMBER  Engineering Part-Time Faculty  Temp Instruction-Two Semesters  615-963-7635 
GUZZARDI, ANNE  Educational Admin Rest  Temporary Help Exempt  615-963-7622 
GUNDI, KIRMANJ  Educational Admin  Professor  615-963-2298 
GHOSH, SOUMENDRA  Economics and Finance  Professor  615-963-7172 
GORDON, RUTH  Dean of Education  Senior Office Assistant  615-963-5451 
GAY, BRUCE  Criminal Justice  Associate Professor  615-963-5589 
GINTHER, MORGAN  Communications  Assistant Professor  Unknown 
GIPSON, ELIZABETH  COE Learning Sciences  Child Care Specialist  731-364-2298 
GUHA, SUJATA  Chemistry  Associate Professor  615-963-5334 
GRACE, GARY  Center For Extended Ed  Media Technician-Part Time  615-963-7284 
GUY, RETTA  Bus Info Systems  Assoc Prof/Interim Assoc Dean  615-963-7176 
GILBERT, JANELL  Budget And Fin Planning Office  Admin Assistant IV  615-963-5009 
GIBRAN, JOAN  BS in Urban Studies  Assistant Professor  615-963-7255 
GARDNER, MELANIE  Biological Sciences  Administrative Assistant III  615-963-5752 
GARDNER-JONES, CARLA  Biological Sciences  Assistant Professor  615-963-1837 
GANTER, PHILIP  Biological Sciences  Professor  615-963-5782 
GARCIA, JOSE  Athletics Director  Coordinator  615-963-5674 
GOLDEN-BELL, WINIFRED  Athletics Director  Assistant to  615-963-5034 
GRAY, CLINTON  Athletics Director  Temporary Help Exempt  615-963-7562 
GREEN, CHERYL  Assoc VP Student Svc  Assistant Vice President  615-963-5648 
GRIFFIN, DAVID  Assoc VP Student Svc  Bldg Activities Supervisor-PT  615-963-2261 
GUO, XINGKUI  Art  Professor  615-963-2128 
GRIGGS, CASSANDRA  Alumni Relations and Annual Giving  Director Alumni Relations  615-963-5763 
GARMON, JASMIN  Alumni Relations and Annual Giving  Temporary Help Exempt  615-963-5831 
GALA, TEKLEAB  Agricultural Science Restricted  Research Assistant Professor  615-963-5761 
GROVES, JOY  Agricultural Science Restricted  Research Assistant 2  615-963-4980 
GRIFFIN, SEDRIC  Admissions  Director  615-963-2593 
GATSON, ALEXIS  Admissions  Admissions Counselor  615-963-5122 
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