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PERRY, ROMONA  Electrical Engr  Administrative Assistant III  615-963-5381 
PERRY, WILLIAM  Economics and Finance  Professor  615-963-7131 
PETERS, SHARON  Center For Extended Ed  Director Comm Coll Initiatives  615-963-1845 
PETERSON, PAUL  Plumbing Maintenance  Plumber  615-963-5699 
PETROS, LISA  COE Info Sys  Temporary Help Non Exempt  615-963-2291 
PETTIT, PEGGY  COE Learning Sciences  Child Care Aide 2  731-364-2298 
PETTUS, TERRY  Facilities Management  Utility Worker - Driver  615-963-5671 
PHAMBU, NSOKI  Chemistry  Associate Professor  615-963-5335 
PHELPS, THOMAS  TSU Police Dept  Police Officer I  615-963-5171 
PHILLIPS, CHARLOTTE  Psychology  Administrative Assistant IV  615-963-5141 
PHILLIPS, ELAINE  Lang and Literature and Phil  Associate Professor  615-963-5723 
PIGG, TIERA  Housing Security  Security Officer 1  615-963-5171 
PINKARD, MICHELLE  Lang and Literature and Phil  Associate Professor  615-963-5715 
PITCHAY, DHARMALINGAM  Extension Services  Assoc Prof-Consumer Hort & Org  615-963-4890 
PITT, ROSALYN  Physical Therapy  Associate Professor (Fiscal)  615-963-5944 
PITTS, ANJELICA  Institutional Effectiveness Rest  Research Analyst  615-963-7259 
PITTS, JAMES  Band  Technician (Perm Part Time)  615-963-7684 
PLANT, NATASHA  Athletics Director  Senior Office Assistant  615-963-7562 
PLEASANT, DANIELLE  Extension Services  Extension Agent-Johnson County  423-727-8161 
POKHAREL, BHARAT  Agricultural Science Restricted  Assistant Professor  615-963-6054 
POLK, JAMES  Information Technology  Computer Laboratory Technician  615-963-7694 
POLK, TOWANA  Admissions  Admissions & Records Clerk  615-963-5101 
POLNITZ, DARRYL  Facilities Management  Electrician  615-963-5693 
POPE, TORI  COE Info Sys  Temporary Help Non Exempt  615-963-2291 
POPKIN, JOAN  Psychology  Associate Professor  615-963-1385 
PORTER, BOBBIE  EEO - Affirmative Action  Assistant Director of EEO/AA  615-963-7438 
PORTER, LINDA  Extension Services  Administrative Assistant III  615-963-4981 
POWERS, ANDREW  Facilities Management  Electrical Shop Supervisor  615-963-5693 
POWERS, LUCAS  Lang and Literature and Phil  Professor/Int Dept Head  615-963-5726 
POYNER, KIMBERLY  Head Start Prog Operations Rest  Child Care Aide 2  731-587-3917 
POYNTER, ANDREA  Health Sciences Part-Time Faculty  Temp Instruction-Two Semesters  615-963-5253 
PRESLEY, JUDITH  Teaching and Learning  Professor  615-963-5468 
PRIDDY, EQUILLA  Copying Service  Temporary Help Non-Exempt  Unknown 
PRIDDY, GEORGIANNA  Post Office  Supervisor  615-963-5246 
PRINCE, ANTHONY  Library  Research Admin Coordinator  615-963-5235 
PRIVETT, SUSAN  Head Start Prog Operations Rest  Child Care Specialist  731-855-1899 
PROCTOR, JULIUS  Watson Hall  Director  615-963-7889 
PROSPERO, VICMARI  Women's Volleyball  Temporary Help Non Exempt  615-963-5034 
PRYOR, JESSICA  Master of Science in Public Health  Program Manager-MPH Program  615-963-7217 
PRYOR, MACIE  Post Office  Postal Clerk  615-963-5246 
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