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HAUPT, CHRISTOPHER  Office of Technology Services  User Liaison  615-963-7678 
HAWKINS, KENYA  Dir Of Residence Life  Coordinator  615-963-3830 
HAYES, GWENDOLYN  Business Admin  Administrative Assistant III  615-963-7350 
HAYES, JO  Legal Counsel  Administrative Assistant IV  615-963-7923 
HAYES, ROBERT  TSU Police Dept  Security Guard 1  615-963-5171 
HAYSLETT, JANICE  Extension Services  Extension Agent  615-862-5995 
HAYSLETT, WILLIAM  Agricultural Science  Assistant Professor  615-963-5438 
HAYWOOD, RONALD  Facilities Management  Custodial Supervisor  615-963-7985 
HEAD, NAYKISHIA  Liberal Arts Part-Time Faculty  Temp Instruction-Two Semesters  615-963-5720 
HEGWOOD, ROBERT  Facilities Management  Bus Driver-Modfy  615-963-5671 
HELTON, CAROL  Teaching and Learning  Associate Professor  615-963-7005 
HENDERSON, JAMES  Information Technology  Telecom Technician 2  615-963-7649 
HENDRICKS, GEORGE  Vehicle Maintenance  Chief Mechanic  615-963-5700 
HENDRIX, AMANDA  COE Learning Sciences  Child Care Specialist  731-644-7195 
HENNEQUIN, M  Lang and Literature and Phil  Associate Professor  615-963-5724 
HENRY, DERIC  Procurement  Central Shipping & Receiving S  615-963-5199 
HENRY, GREGORY  COE Info Sys  Research Specialist  615-277-1616 
HENTHORNE, NANCY  Library  Assistant Professor  615-963-1528 
HERRIN-STEPHENS, PAULA  COE Learning Sciences  Child Care Specialist/FSW  731-644-3470 
HERRING, GEORGE  Facilities Management  Senior Project Manager  615-963-1374 
HESSON, GLEN  TSU Police Dept  Police Officer II/Corporal  615-963-5171 
HESTER, JEFFREY  Extension Services  Extension Agent-Bedford County  615-963-1351 
HICKERSON, LATESSA  Athletics Director  Asst Ath Dir for Compliance  615-963-5889 
HICKSON, BARRY  Finance and Accounting  Manager  615-963-7607 
HICKSON, MARCUS  Housing Security  Police Officer I  615-963-5246 
HILL, ALBERT  Facilities Management  Director of Business Oper.  615-963-5685 
HILLS, EDWARD  Health Services  Physician-PT  615-963-5295 
HINES, COURTNEY  Health Sciences Part-Time Faculty  Assistant Professor  615-963-2129 
HOBDY, DANNY  TSU Police Dept  Security Officer 1  615-963-5171 
HODGES, DOLLIE  Biological Sciences  Office Manager  615-963-5750 
HODGES, HOLLY  Mcminnville Nursery Crop Rsh Sta  Administrative Assistant IV  931-815-5140 
HODGES, JAME'L  Assoc VP Student Svc  Asst Dean-Student Life/Engagem  615-963-5085 
HODGES, JIMMIE  Facilities Management  Locksmith 2  615-963-5694 
HODISON, CAROLYN  Psychology Restricted  Administrative Assistant III  615-963-7395 
HOLLERMAN, WALTER  TSU Police Dept  Security Officer 1  615-963-5171 
HOLLOWAY, LATASHA  Extension Services  Program Assistant-Davidson Cty  615-963-5000 
HOLLOWELL, JAMES  Information Technology  Telecommunications Manager  615-963-7654 
HOLLY, JOSHUA  Media Relations  Specialist/Web Developer  615-963-1362 
HOLMES, VICKIE  Records  Director  615-963-5136 
HOLT, ELISHA  Occupational Therapy  Coordinator  615-963-5891 
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