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KABIR, MD  TSU Ag and Envir Research  Graduate Assistant - Research  931-815-5143 
KALLAKURI, PAVANA  Engineering Restricted  Graduate Assistant  Unknown 
KAMSSU, AURORE  Bus Info Systems  Professor  615-963-7205 
KANJANDA, SIMBARASHE  Engineering Restricted  Graduate Assistant-Teaching  Unknown 
KANKARLA, VANAJA  Extension Services Restricted  Temporary Help Non Exempt  615-963-5761 
KANNARD, BARBARA  Instructional Support  Coordinator; Academic Success  615-963-7421 
KANU, MOHAMED  Health Admin and Scien  Dir Pub Health Prog/Assoc Prof  615-963-7326 
KARIM, MOHAMMAD  Chemistry  Department Head (F12)  615-963-5344 
KARPOS, MARYALTANI  Criminal Justice  Associate Professor  615-963-5590 
KAVAN, RHONDA  Instructional Support  Coordinator, Writing Center  615-963-5102 
KEAN, KARLA  Extension Services Restricted  Extension Agent II  931-648-5725 
KEEL, LEE-HYUN  COE Information System Restricted  Professor  615-277-1611 
KELLEY, MARIETTA  Procurement  Administrative Secretary  615-963-2542 
KELLY, JOHN  Physics and Math  Associate Professor  615-963-5535 
KELLY, KIESA  Psychology  Assoc Professor/ Dept Chair  615-963-5157 
KELLY, SUSAN  Music  Assistant Professor  615-963-5341 
KEMP, BENNIE  TSU Police Dept  Police Officer I  615-963-5171 
KENDALL, CRYSTAL  Head Start Prog Operations Rest  Temporary Help Non Exempt  731-587-3917 
KENDALL, FELISA  COE Learning Sciences Restricted  Child Care Specialist  731-644-0646 
KENERSON, DONNA  Nursing Education  Associate Professor  615-963-2289 
KENERSON, MURLE  Library  Assistant Director  615-963-5203 
KENNEDY, STEVEN  TSU Ag and Envir Research  Graduate Assistant - Research  615-963-7416 
KETTEMAN, WILLIAM  Development  Prospect Researcher  615-963-7999 
KHAIROLLAHI, VAHID  Instructional Support  Teacher 2  615-963-5551 
KHANAL, ADITYA  TSU Ag and Envir Research  Research Associate Professor  615-963-4986 
KHANAL, PIUSH  TSU Ag and Envir Research  Graduate Assistant - Research  Unknown 
KHANAL, PRAMATMA  TSU Ag and Envir Research  Graduate Assistant - Research  615-963-5761 
KHEDER, AHMAD  Information Technology  Computer Laboratory Technician  615-963-5868 
KHWATENGE, COLLINS  TSU Ag and Envir Research  Graduate Assistant - Research  615-963-6008 
KIBBEL, BRENDA  Dental Hygiene  Assistant Professor  615-963-1447 
KILBOURNE, BARBARA  Sociology  Professor  615-963-5557 
KILONZO-NTHENGE, AGNES  Mcminnville Nursery Crop Rsh Sta  Assistant Professor  615-963-5437 
KILPATRICK, TONYA  Agricultural Science Restricted  Dir Bus Oper-Civil Ser FedUSDA  615-963-5527 
KIMATHI, BONIFACE  TSU Ag and Envir Research  Graduate Assistant - Research  615-963-2575 
KING, DAVID  Bus Info Systems  Associate Professor  615-963-1580 
KING, MAILENE  Title III Instructional  Graduate Assistant  615-963-5752 
KING WILKES, BETHANY  Engineering Restricted  Temporary Help Exempt  615-963-5879 
KING-JUPITER, KIMBERLY  Educational Admin  Assistant Professor  615-963-5446 
KINNAIRD BRESCIA, JAMES  TSU Police Dept  Police Officer I  615-963-5171 
KIRBY, TERRY  Agricultural Science Restricted  Temporary Help Non Exempt  931-815-5168 
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