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FORD, TRACEY  VP Student Affairs  Vice President    615-963-5644 
FOSTER, ERIC  Movable Property  Utility Worker - Driver    Unknown 
FERNANDEZ, JOCELYN  Director Campus Center  Therapist    615-963-5000 
FONTENOT, ASHLEY  Athletics Director  Temporary Help Non Exempt    Unknown 
FOSTER, RYAN  HVAC  Temporary Help Non-Exempt    Unknown 
FIELDS, PETER  Liberal Arts Part-Time Faculty  Temp Instruction-Two Semesters    615-963-7992 
FORREST, GREGORY  TSU Police Dept  Security Guards Supervisor    Unknown 
FISHER, KAREN  TSU Police Dept  Security Guard    Unknown 
FOSTER, KENNETH  TSU Police Dept  Security Guard    Unknown 
FRELIX, ARLESIA  Health Services  Research Associate-PT    615-963-5291 
FOSTER, BERNETTA  Records  Records Associate    615-963-5300 
FREEMAN, EMMANUEL  Media Relations  Public Information Officer    615-963-5317 
FINCH, JANET  Educational Admin  Professor    615-963-7038 
FAN, JIAN-HUA  Library  Library Assistant 3    615-963-7191 
FALCONER, APRIL  COE Information System Restricted  Laboratory Manager    615-963-5000 
FUSON, LEIGH  Extension Services Restricted  Extension Agent II-Dekalb Co    615-963-1351 
FRADY, KELLEY  Extension Services Restricted  Extension Agent II - Polk Co    423-626-3742 
FOSTER, ERIC  Facilities Management  Director of Operations    615-963-5676 
FREEMAN, FELINA  Events Management  Director Events Management    615-963-1570 
FAN, CHUNXING  Business Admin  Department Chair    615-963-7393 
FISHER, GARRY  Football  Defensive Coordinator    Unknown 
FRAZIER, KERRY  Facilities Management  Chief Engineer    615-963-5969 
FRAME, ADRIENNE  Financial Services  Budget Director    615-963-5661 
FAIN, WILLIAM  Counseling Services  Budget Coordinator    615-963-6611 
FLEMING, RITA  Extension Services Restricted  Asst Prof Ext Specialist    615-963-2135 
FLOTT, PHYLLIS  Business Admin  Associate Professor    615-963-7123 
FERRELL, JOHN  Extension Services Restricted  Associate Exten Agent/Franklin    615-963-5491 
FIELD, CHRISTOPHER  Lang and Literature and Phil  Assistant Professor    615-963-5732 
FAWAZ, FADI  Economics and Finance  Assistant Professor    615-963-5000 
FENTRESS, HUGH  Biological Sciences  Assistant Professor    615-963-5757 
FREEMAN, RODNEY  Library  Assistant Professor    615-963-7185 
FOULADKHAH, ALIYAR  Extension Services - Dean Rest  Assistant Professor    615-963-7471 
FARMER, TRACY  Development  Advancement Database Assistant    615-963-5679 
FISHER, DOROTHY  Physical Therapy  Administrative Assistant IV    615-963-5881 
FORD, SANDRA  Financial Services  Account Clerk III - Part Time    615-963-4883 

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