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NAN, SATYAKI  Computer Science Restricted  Graduate Assistant-Teaching    Unknown 
NARISETTY, THARUNIKA  Civil and Envir Eng  Graduate Assistant-Teaching    Unknown 
NICHOLS-PAEZ, ANGELA  CPSUA Part-Time Faculty  Assistant Professor    Unknown 
NINKOVIC, DANICA  Nursing Education  Assistant Professor    Unknown 
NISSEN, BRADLEY  Agricultural Science Restricted  Graduate Assistant    Unknown 
NOLAN, EMILLY  Agricultural Science Restricted  Graduate Assistant - Research    Unknown 
NORTHEY, JOYCELYN  COE Learning Sciences Restricted  Temporary Help Non Exempt    Unknown 
NOVOTNY, MEGGAN  Ctr for Health Research Restricted  Temporary Help Non Exempt    Unknown 
NEAL, RABIE  Extension Services Restricted  Admin Assistant II/ Shelby Cty    901-752-1207 
NICHOLSON, JENNIFER  Head Start Prog Operations Rest  Teacher    731-644-0646 
NEAL, MARY  Extension Services Restricted  Extension Agent/ Dyer Cty.    731-286-7821 
NAGARAJAN, GOVINDASWAMY  Physics and Math  Professor    615-963-7990 
NOBLE-BRITTON, PINKY  Nursing Education  BSN Director /Assoc Prof    615-963-7615 
NICHOLAS-PHILLIPS, ARLENE  President's Office  Executive Assist/Board Liaison    615-963-7427 
NETTLES, EVELYN  Center For Extended Ed  Associate Vice President    615-963-7004 
NOEL, TEVIN  Office of Technology Services  Banner Trainer    615-963-6933 
NANDZO, JOHN  Instructional Support  Teacher 2    615-963-5572 
NORTHINGTON, BEN  Development  Director of Fiscal Affairs    615-963-5522 
NETTLES, DARRYL  Music  Professor    615-963-5358 
NYANGE, COURTNEY  Health Sciences Part-Time Faculty  Inter AASN Prog Dir/ Asso Prof    615-963-5266 
NELSON, JENNIFER  Procurement  Associate Director    615-963-5190 
NORTHERN, FREDA  TSU Police Dept  Security Guard    615-963-5171 
NELSON, MONTINA  Educational Admin  Administrative Assistant III    615-963-5109 
NEWSOM, ANDRE'  Music  Temp Instruction (12 mon)    615-963-5063 
NAHASHON, SAMUEL  Agricultural Science  Head, Dept of Agri & Envir Sci    615-963-2575 
NICHOLS, JERRY  Men's Basketball  Assistant Coach 1    615-963-2520 
NEAL, DAVE  Extension Services Restricted  Coordinator    615-963-2519 
NANDWANI, DILIP  Extension Services Restricted  Research Associate Professor    615-963-1897 
NIX-DAVIS, SHIRLEY  Service Learning Center Restricted  Director    615-963-1243 

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