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SUTTON, DONIKA  Women's Volleyball  Head Coach    615-963-1361 
SADLER, JOSHUA  Women's Softball  Assistant Coach 1    615-963-5000 
STALLINGS, LENISE  Women's Basketball  Assistant Coach 1    615-963-1356 
STUKES, JOE  Watson Hall  Director    615-963-7879 
SPIGHT, DAPHANE  VP Institutional Advancement  Advancement Office Data Ass't    615-963-5481 
SANDERS, YVONNE  VP for Administration  Director of Parking Services    615-963-1482 
SHELTON, DWANNA  TSU Police Dept  Police Officer II Corporal    615-963-1571 
SPANGLER, SHARON  TSU Police Dept  Security Guard    Unknown 
STRAIN, BILLY  TSU Police Dept  Security Guard    Unknown 
STEELE, RONSHA  TSU Police Dept  Security Guard    Unknown 
STEVENS, LAUREN  TSU Ag and Envir Research  Graduate Assistant - Research    Unknown 
SUMPTER, JEREMIAH  TSU Ag and Envir Research  Graduate Assistant - Research    Unknown 
SHIELDS, LAUREN  TSU Ag and Envir Research  Graduate Assistant - Research    Unknown 
SETTLES, ANGELA  TSU Ag and Envir Research  Graduate Assistant - Research    Unknown 
SYED, RABIA  TSU Ag and Envir Research  Graduate Assistant - Research    615-963-5321 
SHYE, RIKI  Trio Programs Restricted  Administrative Assistant III    615-963-5000 
SMITH JR, BILLY  Transportation  Bus Driver    615-963-2162 
STEWART, ALEXANDRIA  Title III Instructional  Graduate Assistant    Unknown 
STONE, AQUARIUS  Title III Institutional Support  Temporary Help Non Exempt    Unknown 
SEWARD, MARJORIE  Title III Institutional Support  Associate Director/HBCU Proj    615-963-7063 
STEWART, RHONDA  Teacher Ed Studnt Sv  Administrative Assistant III    615-963-5109 
STEVENSON, FRANK  Student Activities  Dean of Students    615-963-2154 
SMITH, TINA  Speech Pathology  Department Head/ Professor    615-963-7057 
SCHWEIKHARD, ASHLEY  Speech Pathology  Graduate Assistant-Teaching    Unknown 
SCALES, JOSIE  Sociology  Professor    615-963-7770 
SANFORD, EDWARD  Sociology  Associate Professor    615-963-5793 
SUN, NUBIAN  Social Work  Assistant Professor    615-963-7673 
SMITH, FELITA  Research and Spons Programs  Senior Office Assistant    615-963-7631 
SMITH, ZAHEERAH  Records  Records Associates    615-963-5000 
SIMS, RONDA  Records  Records Associate    615-963-5300 
SHELTON, DAVID  Psychology Restricted  Graduate Assistant    Unknown 
SMITH, CARIN  Psychology Restricted  Graduate Assistant - Research    615-963-2175 
SHIVE, JOSHUA  Psychology  Associate Professor    615-963-5160 
SHELTON, MARY  Psychology  Associate Professor    615-963-7984 
SIBULKIN, AMY  Psychology  Professor    615-963-5088 
SIMMONS, ZACHARY  Psychology  Graduate Assistant-Research    615-963-2175 
SIMS, JOEL  Procurement  Director of Procurement    615-963-5146 
SHARPE, KELLI  President's Office  Asst VP Pub Relations & Commun    615-963-1232 
SMITH, SHARON  President's Office  Administrator Coordinator    615-963-7401 
SIMS, JARVIS  Post Office  Postal Clerk    615-963-6314 
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