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INMAN, LARRY  Women's Basketball  Head Coach  615-963-5606 
ILLUKPITIYA, PRABODE  TSU Ag and Envir Research  Assistant Professor-Research  615-963-5435 
IRBY, JOCELYN  Lang and Literature and Phil  Professor  615-963-5722 
INMAN, WENDELYN  Health Sciences Restricted  Assistant Professor  615-963-7328 
IYER, VASANTH  Engineering Restricted  Temporary Help Exempt  615-963-2160 
INMAN, MARGIE  Engineering Part-Time Faculty  Temp Instruction-Two Semesters  615-963-7635 
IDOYE, PATRICK  Communications  Professor  615-963-5814 
INGRAM, NATALIE  COE Learning Sciences  Child Care Aide 2  731-824-0092 
ISA, ABDALLAH  Biological Sciences  Associate Professor  615-963-7036 
IVY, MICHAEL  Biological Sciences  Professor  615-963-7796 

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