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CLARK, GREGORY  Admissions  Director Outrch Prgs/Publ/HS  615-963-5103 
CONSIGNY, RUCELE  Aeronautical and Industrial Tech  Professor  615-963-5368 
COMER, SAMMY  Agricultural Science  Assistant Professor  615-963-5820 
CHOWDHURY, SHAHIDULLAH  Agricultural Science Restricted  Temporary Help Exempt  615-963-5601 
CHANCE, JOSHUA  Athletics  Asst Coach 1 (Strength)  615-963-5898 
CHEESEBOROUGH, CHANDRA  Athletics Director  Head Coach  615-963-5906 
CONNER, CHRISTOPHER  Athletics Director  Temporary Help Exempt  Unknown 
COOPERWOOD, JOSHUA  Athletics Director  Temporary Help Exempt  615-963-5034 
CAUDLE, CAROLYN  Biological Sciences  Associate Professor  615-963-5787 
CRIBBS, EDDIE  Boyd Hall  Temporary Help Non-Exempt  615-963-7937 
CREEL, TIMOTHY  Business Part-Time Faculty  Temp Instruction-Two Semesters  615-963-7165 
COLEMAN, JAMAL  Career Center  Coordinator  615-963-7526 
CHIMBA, DEO  Civil and Envir Eng  Assistant Professor  615-963-5430 
CHISM, ELLEN  COE Learning Sciences  Child Care Specialist  901-686-2348 
COLEMAN, KATARI  COE Learning Sciences  Program Director  615-277-1657 
CLINTON, BARBARA  COE Learning Sciences  Temporary Help Non Exempt  615-277-1690 
CAINE, ANTOINETTE  COE Learning Sciences  Financial Analyst 2  615-277-1645 
CRAWFORD, KIMBERLY  COE Learning Sciences  Temporary Help Non Exempt  731-644-0646 
CARABALLO, SHAUNTE  Communications  Assistant Professor/Director  615-963-7992 
COLLINO, MARK  Communications  Manager  615-963-7646 
CHEN, WEI  Computer Science  Professor  615-963-5878 
CANADA, BARBARA  Ctr for Health Research Restricted  Temporary Help Non Exempt  615-963-5409 
CAIN, VAN  Ctr for Health Research Restricted  Manager  615-277-1674 
CATLIN, CARTER  Dean of Ag, Human, Natural Sci Rest  Associate Dean--Research  615-963-5819 
CARNEY, GWENDOLYN  Dean of Business  Office Manager  615-963-7136 
COOPER, JUANDALE  Dean of Business  Director  615-963-7369 
CHISOM, DEBORAH  Dean of Graduate Studies  Director  615-963-7390 
COLLIER, BRENDA  Dean Public Ser and Urban Affairs  Coordinator  615-963-7268 
CALLOWAY, SOTORRIA  Development  Temporary Help Exempt  615-963-5465 
CLAY JR., DARRYL  Director Campus Center  Temporary Help Non-Exempt  615-963-5605 
CRAWFORD, DIXIE  Early Learning Ctr  Cook 1--Part Time  615-963-5591 
CRIGGER, JERRY  Economics and Finance  Temp Instruction-Two Semesters  615-963-7321 
CHEN, CHUN-DA  Economics and Finance  Associate Professor  615-963-7384 
COX, TIFFANY  EEO - Affirmative Action  Director  615-963-7494 
COOK, THEODORE  Electrical Maintenance  Electrician Lead Worker  615-963-5696 
CELSO, BEN  Engineering Part-Time Faculty  Temp Instruction-Two Semesters  615-963-5578 
CADE, JOHN  Enrollment Services  Assoc Vice Pres/Interim VP  615-963-5107 
CAMERON, PEGGY  Executive MPA Restricted  Administrative Assistant III  615-963-7241 
COLCLOUGH, EBONE  Extension Services  Extension Agent - Admin  615-862-5104 
COLLINS, BRIDGETTE  Extension Services  Administrative Assistant III  615-963-1842 
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