What can you with a COMM degree?

Here are a few examples!

Account Executive

Account Executive for a Radio Station

Account Executive, University Alumni Office

Accounting Firm


Administrative Services Salesperson


Advertising Agency Account Executive                                           

Affirmative Action Officer for National Insurance Company

Airline Reservation Specialist                                    

Airline Stewardess

Anchor Person/Reporter for Local TV News Program                      

Answering Service Company Salesperson

Art Gallery Assistant

Art Institute Public Relations-Recruiting Officer

Assistant Director of Highway Safety

Assistant Director, University News and Information

Assistant Museum

Assistant to Media Planner and Media Buyer, Advertising Agency

Associated Press Reporter

Bank Methods Analyst

Bank Personnel Assistant

Bank Trainee

Bankers Association Research Associate                  

Banking Management Trainee

Beverage Distributor Public Relations Specialist

Bookstore Owner/Manager

Branch Bank Management Trainee

Broadcast Journalist

Broadcast Scriptwriter

Broadcasting Floor Manager

Broadcasting Production Supervisor

Broadcasting Schedule Manager

Building and Trade School Director

Cable Television Company Sales

Campaign Director                                                     

Campus Activity Coordinator

Chamber of Commerce Representative

City Transportation Coordinator

College Placement Officer

Communication Consultant

Community Affairs Director

Community Affairs Liaison

Community College Teacher                                                 

Computer Company Personnel Specialist

Computer Company Training Specialist

Conflict Resolution Specialist

Copier Company Salesperson

Corporate Communication Consultant

Corporate Purchasing Agent

Corrections Family Youth Counselor

Cosmetics Company Promotion Director


Customer Service Representative

Data Processing Manager

Department Store Buyer


Development Officer

Director Corporate Communication

Director of a Medical Education Center

Director of Advertising for National Fast Food Chain

Director of Conventions

Director of Corporate Communication

Director of Media

Director of Sales, Hotel

Director of Tourism

Disc Jockey


Educational Media Specialist

Elected Official

Electronics Corporation Manufacturing Supervisor  

Elementary Teacher

Ensign U.S. Navy

Fashion Merchandiser

Fast-Food Restaurant Manager

Field surveyor for marketing Research Company

Food Chain Distribution Manager

Food Store Account Executive

Forensics Coach for a University

Governmental Press Secretary

Graduate Student in Counseling

Graduate Student in International Business

Group Sales Representative

High School Speech/Theater Teacher

Historical Commission Director

Hospital Public Information Officer

Hospital Volunteers Membership Coordinator

Hostess for foreign Dignitaries for Chamber or Commerce

Hotel Assistant Manager                                           

Hotel Convention Salesperson

Hotel Management Trainee                                        

Hotel Placement Coordinator

Human Development Laboratory Trainer

Human Rights Officer for a Development Center

Industrial and Labor Relations Specialist

Industrial Information Specialist

Information Specialist

Insurance Claims Adjuster

Insurance Representative

Insurance Underwriting Trainee

Internal Newsletter Editor

International Student Coordinator

Investment Company Operations Manager

Job Corps

Law Firm Recruiter

Legal Communication Consultant


Management Trainee

Management Trainee for a Telephone Company

Management Trainee for an Automobile Manufacturing Company

Management Trainee for Department Store

Manager of Marketing Communication

Market Analyst                                                          

Marketing Communications                                       

Marketing Coordinator for a Shopping Mall

Marriage Counselor

Media Buyer                                                              

Media Manager                                                          


Medical Center

Member of University Career Services Staff

Military Recruitment Officer



Motel Sales Trainee

National Sorority Chapter Consultant

Newspaper Columnist

Newspaper Reporter

Newspaper Rewrite Editor

Newspaper Sportswriter

Newspaper Sportswriter Survey Research Consultant

Non-Profit Organization Communication Director

Paralegal Assistant

Peace Corps Volunteer

Personnel Department Bank Trainee

Pizza and Theater Chain Marketing Manager

Power Company Training Specialist

Private School Fund Raiser

Production Coordinator for a Real Estate Developer

Production Manager


Public Information Officer

Public Opinion Researcher                                         

Public Relations Representative, Red Cross

Public Relations Apprentice

Public Relations Assistant, Business Firm

Public Relations Officer of a Hospital

Public Relations Representative, Red Cross

Publications Editor

Publishing Company Editor                                       

Publishing Company Traffic Manager

Radio News Director

Radio Station Account Executive

Radio Station Continuity Director

Real Estate Investment Company Researcher

Real Estate Salesperson

Recreation Coordinator

Recreational Supervisor

Research Company

Research Company Sales Trainer

Residence Hall Director

Retail Salesperson

Sales Trainer


Second Lieutenant, USWAC

Secondary School Teacher

Seminary Student

Set Design/Scene Design

Social Services Worker                                              

Speech Writer for Governor                                      


Sports Director for a Radio Station

Sports Information Officer

Staff Member of Community Service Agency

Staff Writer for Regional Monthly Magazine

State Employees Labor Negotiator

State Police Officer

State Public Relations Assistant

State Tourism Bureau Director


Stockbroker Trainee

Store Manager

Surplus Goods

Swimming Pool Salesperson

Symphony Orchestra Media Relations

Technical Writer


Telecommunication Technician

Telephone Company Manager of Organizational Development

Television Reporter

Theatre Business Manager

Theatre Manager

Theatre Technical Manager

Travel Agent

University Information Specialist

University Training Specialist