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LOGO The Student Election Commission serves as the administrative function of the Student Government Association by facilitating the election process for general elections, freshmen elections and special elections. S.E.C. also serves as the hub for voter registration drives and voting initiatives for the student body and student organizations.

Floyd Payne Campus Center
Suite 217 - B 

Special Elections Information- * All First Year students will receive a welcome letter from the SEC Chair this summer providing the information below.


Interested in Running for a Position?

SEC Positions 2013-14



SEC WEEK 2014 (April 6-12)

Sunday, April 6
"Start Your Engines"- Nominations Convention, 4-6pm Forum
Monday, April 7
"Inspection"- Debate, 6-8pm Humanities, Poag Auditorium
Tuesday, April 8
"Pit Stop"- Rally, 4-6pm Gentry
Wednesday, April 9
"Tune Up"- Mr. and Miss TSU Pageant 6-10pm Humanities, Poag Auditorium
Thursday, April 10
"Final Lap"-Online Voting Begins, Polls Open at 6am (all students should check their email)
Friday, April 11
"Winners Circle" Voting Ends at 3pm
Amphiteater (announcing winners) 4:30pm-6pm




  • A candidate that receives the equivalence of three strikes during SEC week will become disqualified.
  • A candidate that receives the equivalence of six warnings during SEC week will be disqualified.  One warning is equivalent to 1/2 of a strike.
  • Certain actions such as slander can lead to immediate disqualification.



Voter Registration Instructions

Voter Registration Form


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