Student Payroll

All College Work Aid student employees will be paid by direct deposit. Students in the College Work Study program are also encouraged to be paid by direct deposit.  Students in the Federal College Work Study Program will be informed when they are given their assignments and orientations by the Career Center and that office will collect the direct deposit forms from them. Students in the Work Aid Program will be informed by their departmental supervisors and these supervisors will collect the direct deposit forms (at the same time that I-9 documents and W-4's are collected).

Before Beginning Work --

OPEN A BANK ACCOUNT. Students who do not already have a bank account should open one immediately. The University banks with Regions Bank. Checking accounts are free (no monthly service charge) to all students. However, you may arrange your direct deposit account with any in-state or out-of-state financial institution of your choice.

COMPLETE A DIRECT DEPOSIT FORM ("Authorization for Direct Deposit of Pay"). Enter your social security number and name onto the form, attach a voided check, denote whether the account is checking or savings, and sign the form. An amount does not have to be entered on the form unless you want your pay distributed to more than one account. The signature of your bank officer is also required on the form if the account is a savings account or if a voided check cannot be attached. Direct deposit forms can be completed on-line and printed, or they can be obtained from: (1) the Career Center, located in Room #304 of the Floyd-Payne Campus Center, (2) the Human Resources Office, located in Room 114 of the General Services Building on Heiman Street, or (3) the Payroll Office, located in Room 114 of the Ned McWherter Administration Building. Students in the College Work Study Program should submit their completed forms to the Career Center and students in the Work Aid Program should submit their completed forms to their immediate supervisors.

After Beginning Work --

You will be able to view your pay stub approximately two days prior to each scheduled pay date at MyTSU . This copy of your pay stub will be the only one available to you. Print it if needed. Your stub will denote all of your payroll information, including your direct deposit amount. Contact the department to which you are assigned or the Financial Aid office if you have a question concerning your payroll information. (This Web site requires that you input your student PIN number. If you are unable to access it, please contact the CIT Help Desk at 963-7777.)

The payroll system does not interface with the registration system. Therefore, changing your address in the Records Office will not update your payroll information. An incorrect address will delay receipt of your W-2 tax form, which will be mailed by January 31st. Please submit address changes to the Financial Aid Office promptly.

At Tax Time --

Review the type & timing of  tax forms we will send you.