Minor in General Business

Broaden Your Business Understanding

A minor affords a traditional, well‑accepted way to recognize that a student has completed a significant body of work outside the major field. Students may wish to follow up on long time personal interests, satisfy intellectual curiosity generated by introductory courses, enrich their undergraduate experience, differentiate their individual program of study from those of fellow students, or enhance their opportunities for employment or for admission to graduate or professional schools.

For the General Business Minor:

  • students need to select at least 18 hours of business courses which meet their objectives for taking the minor
  • If courses selected have prerequisites, these must be satisfied.
  • Only juniors and seniors may enroll in 3000 or 4000 level business courses, and
  • ACCT 2010, ECON 2010, and MGMT 3010 should be included in all business minors (ECON 2010 is a prerequisite for MGMT 3010).

Required Courses for a General Business Minor – 18 credit hours

ACCT 2010  (3 credits)      ____________   
ECON 2010  (3 credits)      ____________                      

MGMT 3010  (3 credits)     ____________

Business Elective  (3 credits)     ____________

Business Elective  (3 credits)     ____________

Business Elective  (3 credits)     ____________

Students, who anticipate pursuing the MBA as a part of their professional preparation, may wish to take the following courses, which are prerequisites for the MBA:

ACCT 2010 and 2020                  Accounting Principles I and II             6 credits

ECON 2010 and 2020                  Economic Principles I and II               6 credits

ECON 2040                                Quantitative Methods                          3 credits

BISI 2150 and 3230                     Information Systems                            6 credits

MKTG 3010                                 Marketing Principles                            3 credits

FINA 3300                                   Business Finance                                  3 credits

BLAW 3000                                 Legal Environment                               3 credits

MGMT 3010                                 Organization Theory                            3 credits


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