Committee Meetings

The Board of Trustees has established four standing committees: Executive, Audit, Finance and Budget, and Academic Affairs and Student Affairs. The Committees will meet from time to time as deemed necessary. View upcoming meetings.

The Board of Trustees committees and their respective members:

Executive Committee

Dr. Joseph W. Walker, III (Chair)

Dr. Deborah A. Cole (Vice Chair)

Ms. Pamela Martin

Audit Committee

Dr. Deborah A. Cole (Chair)

Mr. Obie McKenzie (Vice Chair)

Dr. Edith Peterson Mitchell 

Finance & Budget Committee

Mr. Stephen Corbeil (Chair)

Dr. Richard Lewis (Vice Chair)

Mr. Bill Freeman

Academic Affairs & Student Affairs Committees 

Ms. Pam Martin (Chair)

Dr. Richard Lewis (Vice Chair)

Dr. Ali Sekmen

Ms. Braxton Simpson