Dr. Phil Ganter


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Department of Biological Sciences

College of Life & Physical Sciences


Contact Information

Office: 301 Harned Hall

Phone: 615-984-5782

Email: pganter@tnstate.edu


Research Interest

The evolution and ecology of natural yeast communities; mutualism among yeast, insects and hosts



Refereed Journals: 25

Book Chapters: 3

Presentations: 22

Ganter, P. F. 2011. Cactophilic yeast: everything is not everywhere. In: Fontaneto, D., editor. Biogeography of microorganisms. Is Everything Small Everywhere? Systematics Association Special Volumes Series 79. Cambridge University Press. pp. 130-174.

Ganter, P. F., G. Cardinali, and K. Boundy-Mills. 2010. Pichia insulana, an new cactophilic yeast from Curaçao. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 60: 1001-1007.

de Barros Lopes, M. and P. F. Ganter. 2006. The cactus-yeast community. In: A.K. Sharma and A. Sharma, editors. Plant Genome: Biodiversity and Evolution, Vol. 2B: Lower Groups. Science Publishers from New Hampshire. pp 459-479.

Ganter, P. F. 2006. Yeast and invertebrate associations. In Rosa, C. A. and Gabor, P. Biodiversity and Ecophysiology of Yeasts. pp. 303-370. Springer Verlag, Heidelberg. pp 303-370.

Ganter, P. F., G. Cardinali, M. Giammaria, B. Quarles. 2004. Correlations among measures of phenotypic and genetic variation within an oligotrophic asexual yeast, Candida sonorensis, collected from Opuntia. FEMS Yeast Research 4:527-540



BIOL 1110, BIOL 1120 Introduction to Biology

BIOL 3310 Biostatistics

BIOL 4120 Ecology

BIOL 4160 Evolution

BIOL 4320 Field Botany

BIOL 5130 Graduate Evolution Seminar

BIOL 5190 Graduate Ecology Seminar



AA (Liberal Arts) 1971 Atlantic Community College

BS (Science Education) 1973 Rowan University

Ph. D. (Ecology) 1981 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Date joined staff: 1992


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