Dr. Anthony Ejiofor

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Department of Biological Sciences

College of Life & Physical Sciences


Contact Information

Office Location: 112C McCord Hall
Telephone: 615-963-5806
FAX: 615-963-7640
Email: aejiofor@tnstate.edu

Research Areas

Microbial Ecology, Physiology & Genetics/ Industrial Microbiology & Biotechnology



Refereed journal Articles: 25

Book Chapters: 2

Technical reports: 3

Research abstracts: 20

Conference Presentations: 21

Thesis/Dissertation Supervision and Guidance: 25


Most Significant Publications:

Mehta, T., Vercruysse, K., Johnson, T., Ejiofor, A.O., Myles, E., and Q.A. Quick.    2015. Violacein induces p44/42 mitogen-activated protein kinase-mediated solid tumor cell death and inhibits tumor cell migration.  Mol. Med. Rep.  12(1): 1443-8. E. pub 2015 Mar 20.

Raman Chandraseakr, P.G. Brintha, Enoch Y. Park, Paolo Pelsoi, Fei Liu, Marian Goldsmith, Anthony Ejiolfor, B.R. Pittendrigh, Y.S. Han, Ferando G. Noriega, Manickam Sugumaran, B.K. Tyagi, Zhong Zheng Gui, Fang Zhu, Bharath Bhusan Patnaik, P. Michailova. (2014).  Short Views on Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology,  (Eds.) R. Chandrasekar, B.K. Tyagi, Z.Z., Gui, G.R., Reeck.  International Book Mission, Academic Publisher, Manhattan, USA. Chapter -1, Vol. (1), pp.3-56.

Ejiofor, Anthony 2014.  Insect Biotechnology.  In: Short views on Insect Genomic and Proteomics. Special Issue volume 2, 2014 (Chandrasekar, R., Goldsmith, M.R., & Agunbiade, T. Eds.) Springer International Publishing AG Gewerbestrasse 11 CH-6330 Cham (ZG) Switzerland, 450p.

Roderick L. Rolle, Anthony O. Ejiofor, Terrance L. Johnson 2005. Determination of the plasmid size and location of d-endotoxin genes of Bacillus thuringiensis by pulse field gel electrophoresis African Journal of Biotechnology Vol. 4 (7), pp. 580-585

Ejiofor, A. O. & Johnson, T. L. 2002. Physiological and Molecular Detection of Crystalliferous Bacillus thuringiensis Strains from Habitats in the South Central United States. Journal of Industrial Microbiology & Biotechnology. 28, 284-290.

Ejiofor, A.O., Chisti, Y. & Moo-Young, M. 1996. Fed-batch Production of Baker’s Yeast Using Millet (Pennisetum typhoides) Flour Hydrolysate as the Carbon Source. Journal of Industrial Microbiology. 16, 102 - 109.

Ejiofor, A.O., Chisti, Y. & Moo-Young, M. 1996. Culture of Saccharomyces cerevisiae on Hydrolysed Waste Cassava Starch for Production of Baking-Quality Yeast. Enzyme and Microbial Technology. 18:519 - 525.

Posten C., Ejiofor, A.O. & Deckwer, W-D. 1995. Scale-Up of an Optimal Feeding Strategy for Parameter Estimation of Baker’s Yeast Production. Proceedings of the First International Symposium on Mathematical Modelling and Simulation in Agriculture and Bio-Industry. IMACS/IFAC, Brussels, Belgium. Vol. 1, 1-6.

Solomon, B.O., Zeng, A-P., Biebl, H., Ejiofor, A.O., Posten, C. & Deckwer, W-D., 1994. Effects of Substrate Limitation on Product Distribution and H2/CO2 Ratio in Klebsiella pneumonia During Anaerobic Fermentation of Glycerol. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology. 42, 222 - 226.

Ejiofor, A.O., Solomon, B.O., Posten, C. & Deckwer, W-D. 1994. Analysis of the Respiro-fermentative Growth of Saccharomyces cerevisiae onGlucose in a Fed-batch Fermentation Strategy for Accurate Parameter Estimation. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology. 41: 664 - 669.

Ejiofor, A. O., Posten, C., Solomon, B.O. & Deckwer, W.-D. 1994. A Robust Fed-batch Feeding Strategy for Optimal Parameter Estimation for Baker's Yeast Production. Bioprocess Engineering. 11: 135 - 144.

Ejiofor, A.O., Okafor, N. & Ugwueze, E.N. 1994. Development of Baking Yeast from Nigerian Palm-wine Yeasts. World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology. 10; 199-202.

Ejiofor, A.O., Okafor, N. & Nwankwo, J. 1991. Preparation of a Flowable Liquid Bacterial Insecticide Based on Bacillus sphaericus strain 2362. World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology. 7: 596 - 599.

Ejiofor, A.O. & Okafor, N. 1991. Formulation of a Flowable Liquid Concentrate of Bacillus thuringiensis serotype H-14 Spores and Crystals as Mosquito Larvicide. Journal of Applied Bacteriology. 71: 202 - 206.

Ejiofor, A.O. 1991. Production of Bacillus thuringiensis serotype H-14 as Bioinsecticide Using a Mixture of "Spent Brewer`s Yeast" and Waste Cassava Starch as Fermentation Medium. Discovery and Innovation. 3(2): 84 - 88.

Ejiofor, A.O. 1990. Status and Prospects of Biological Control of Mosquitoes in Nigeria. In: Bacterial Control Agricultural and Medically Important Insects; A Global Prospective (Davidson et al. eds.). Israel Journal of Entomology. XXIII: 83 - 90.

Okafor, N & Ejiofor, A.O.1990. Rapid Detoxification of Cassava Starch Fermenting for Garri Production Following Inoculation with a Yeast simultaneously Producing Linamarase and Amylase. Process Biochemistry International. 25(3): 82-86.

Egboka, B.C.E., Orajiaka, P., Nwankwo, P., & Ejiofor, A.O. 1989. Principles and Problems of Environmental Pollution of Ground Water Resources with Case Examples from Developing Countries. In: Monograph on Ground Water quality (Warren, T. P. ed.) Environmental Health Perspectives. NIEHS. North Carolina, U.S.A. 83: 39-68.



BIOL 8110 – Dissertation Research

BIOL 7410 – Selected Topics in Microbiology

BIOL 6110 – Individual Research

BIOL 5460 – Immunology

BIOL 5400 – Microbial Genetics

BIOL 5120 – Thesis Writing

BIOL 5110 – Research in Biology  

BIOL 4410 – Immunology & Serology

BIOL 4280 – Introductory Parasitology

BIOL 3410 – Principles of General Bacteriology

BIOL 3400 – Introduction to Microbial Physiology

BIOL 3320 – General Botany

BIOL 1120 – General Biology II


Membership of Professional Organizations and Awards

Member, American Society for Microbiology

Member, Society for Industrial Microbiology

Member, Society for Invertebrate Pathology

Member, Tennessee Academy of Sciences

Member, Beta Kappa Chi Honors Society

Fellow, World Health Organization 1981

Fellow, Alexander von Humboldt Schiftung – Germany, 1990

Fellow, National Science and Engineering Council of Canada – 1994



BSc (Microbiology) – University of Nigeria

Ph.D. (Industrial Microbiology) – University of Nigeria

Diploma (Invertebrate Pathology) – UCR

Post Doc – 1. Process Control Unit, Biochemical Engineering Division, GBF Braunschweig, Germany

               2. Biotechnology Center, Chemical Engineering Division, University of Waterloo, ON Canada


Date joined staff: 1996


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