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For further information on our programs, please contact the academic advisors. For application process and admission requirements, contact the Admissions Office.


Department of Agricultural
and Environmental Sciences                       Dr. S.P Singh, Interim Department Head 
Agribusiness                                             Dr. S. P. Singh                                      
Agricultural Biotechnology                          Dr. S. P. Singh                                               ssingh
Agricultural Education                                Dr. John Ricketts                                  
Animal Science/Pre-Veterinary Medicine      Dr. M. Lema                                         
Applied Geospatial Information Systems      Dr. R. E. Harrison                                  
Food Technology                                       Dr. S.P. Singh                                      
Plant Science                                            Mr. W. F. Hayslett                                 
Soil Science                                              Dr. D. R. Duseja                                      

Department of Family                              
and Consumer Sciences                             Dr. G. Johnson, Department Head         
Child Development and Family Relations      Dr. R McDowell                                   
                                                               Dr. M. Machara                                     
Design                                                     Dr. S. Ballard de Ruiz                           
Early Childhood Education                          Dr. G. P. Matthews                               
Family and Consumer Sciences Education    Dr. G. Johnson                                    
Fashion Merchandising                              Dr. J. Seo                                           
Food Service Management                         Dr. S. Godwin                                      
Foods and Nutrition                                   Dr. S. Godwin                                     

International Food and Agricultural Development Programs (IFAD) 
   Mr. Sammy Come
Outreach Counselor/Recruiter
   Mr. William Hayslett




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