Food Biosciences & Technology

The Food Biosciences and Technology research [FBST] program in the Departments of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences and Family and Consumer Sciences at Tennessee State University strives to enhance human health and wellness through food science, nutrition, food safety, and the development of innovative processes that could enhance the safety and shelf-life of food products. The strategic objective of this program is to operationally define and engrain a holistic roadmap for accelerating innovation in product and process development.

Faculty Signature Research Areas
The Food Biosciences and Technology research program has six experienced faculty members, all of whom work in different aspects of food science and technology. Two faculty members are devoted to applied food sciences (technology development) and four faculty members specialize in food safety and nutrition.

Applied Food Sciences
Dr. Ying Wu [Food Engineering], Assistant Professor
Exploring biomaterials from natural sources, applying nano-techniques for delivery systems
Dr. Ankit Patras [Food Chemistry], Assistant Professor
Developing green processes for food safety applications, technology scale-up and method development

Food Safety and Nutrition
Dr. Sandria Godwin [Foods and Nutrition], Professor and Director, Didactic Program in Dietetics
Characterizing food safety related behaviors; developing educational materials for consumers
Dr. Fur-Chi Chen [Food Science], Professor
Developing molecular fingerprinting methods for the detection of foodborne pathogens and immunoassays for the detection of food allergens, toxins, and adulterants
Dr. Agnes Kilonzo-Nthenge [Food Science, (emphasis Food Microbiology)], Assistant Professor
Microbial safety of fresh produce and retail meats; antimicrobial drug resistance of foodborne pathogens
Dr. Hongwei Si [Human Nutrition, (emphasis Molecular Nutrition)], Assistant Professor
Identification and characterization of bioactive food compounds in prevention of chronic diseases

Research Capability and Goals
With this faculty expertise and state-of-the-art laboratories, the FBST research program has the ability to innovatively apply principles of chemistry, physics, biological science and nutrition to solve problems related to food safety and quality across a wide range of food commodities. Activities include innovation management, consumer and laboratory food safety research, technology development, and process, product and contract research development. By building an effective integration of strategically-focused, concerted research in cooperation with nutritional-, food- and consumer sciences and food chain management industries, the Food Bioscience and Technology program can deliver innovative, novel and improved food products for, and to, regional, national, and global markets in line with consumer needs and expectations.

Facilities and Other Resources
The facilities and other resources available to the research teams at Tennessee State University include all the laboratory space, office space, and equipment needed to complete the research activities successfully. Tennessee State University recognizes the importance of this research program, and has provided funds to fully renovate and equip laboratories with state-of-the-art instruments and tools. These funded were provided by USDA (1890 research program development). This renovation was tailor-designed to optimally meet faculty specific research needs, and has been successfully completed in January, 2014. The facilities provide a supportive scientific environment for the success of the research projects. The labs are fully equipped with the latest instrumentation (photos will be uploaded soon).

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B.S. in Agricultural Sciences       with concentration in Food Biosciences & Technology



Improving consumer’s preparedness to respond to emergencies and foodborne bioterrorism

Characterizing senior's knowledge and use of food safety practices to develop educational materials targeted to at-risk demographic groups

An innovative approach for integrating health care providers into food borne illness prevention for older adults

Antimicrobial resistance monitoring of zoonotic and indicator bacteria in Tennessee local foods and agricultural lands

Developing an immunochemical fingerprinting analysis for identification of Salmonella

Developing novel mitigation strategies for Aflatoxin detoxification in foods

Characterizing antibiotic-resistant foodborne pathogens in domestic kitchens and retail foods


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