Undeclared Students

Confused About Your Major?

Follow these steps to find the right pathway! 

I.  Gather information about TSU Academic Programs and Undergraduate Majors

 II. Explore your interests and personality

  • TSU Career Center
  • 41 Questions - 1 Personality : Take this free test to determine your personality type and major pathways as well as famous people with similar personality types!
  • Personality DNA : This free quiz will provide a personality trait assessment, your suggested major pathway, and a personal DNA map representing your personality.
  • College Major Selector Quiz : This brief, free quiz rates your compatibility with 90 different majors.
  • Choose Your Major : Take this fun, nine-question quiz from Marquette University to evaluate your personality and receive a list of suggested major pathways.
  • What Is Your Perfect Career?   This free quiz will evaluate your responses to preference statements and provide a list of your top major pathways.
  • Jung Typology Test:  This free test will match your personality traits with potential career paths as well as famous people with similar personality traits!

III. Gather more information on your chosen pathway

  • TSU Career Center
  • Explore Majors: This College For Tennessee site will allow you to search for a career and see a listing of hiring trends, skills needed, and salary ranges. This site will also allow you to complete self-inventories to determine your learning style and pinpoint your skills and interests.  Create an account and start gathering information!
  • Majors Map: This ACT site will allow you to explore career options relating to major areas.  Create an ACT profile and search your major to explore your options.
  • Talk with instructors/advisors in your chosen major pathway for additional major/career and internship opportunities information.

IV. Declare!
Follow these final steps to start the journey along your major pathway:

  • Ask any unanswered questions. Talk with instructors/advisors in the major of your choice for more detailed information, if needed.
  • Complete the Change of Major Form . Stop by the Advisement Center, located in the  Student Success Center, Suite 116, if you need assistance with the form.
  • Submit the form.  You may submit the completed form in the Advisement Center, or you may submit the form to the Records Office, located in the Floyd-Payne Campus Center, Suite 305.
  • Begin your journey!


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