Undeclared Students

Confused About Your Major?

Follow these steps to find the right pathway! 
Click the links below to begin your exploration.

I.  Gather information about TSU Academic Programs and Undergraduate Majors

 II. Explore your interests and personality

  • TSU Career Center
  • 41 Questions - 1 Personality : Take this free test to determine your personality type and major pathways as well as famous people with similar personality types!
  • Personality DNA : This free quiz will provide a personality trait assessment, your suggested major pathway, and a personal DNA map representing your personality.
  • College Major Selector Quiz : This brief, free quiz rates your compatibility with 90 different majors.
  • Choose Your Major : Take this fun, nine-question quiz from Marquette University to evaluate your personality and receive a list of suggested major pathways.
  • What Is Your Perfect Career?   This free, quiz will evaluate your responses to preference statements and provide a list of your top major pathways.
  • Jung Typology Test:  This free test will match your personality traits with potential career paths as well as famous people with similar personality traits!

III. Gather more information on your chosen pathway

  • TSU Career Center
  • Explore Majors: This College For Tennessee site will allow you to search for a career and see a listing of hiring trends, skills needed, and salary ranges. This site will also allow you to complete self-inventories to determine your learning style and pinpoint your skills and interests.  Create an account and start gathering information!
  • Majors Map: This ACT site will allow you to explore career options relating to major areas.  Create an ACT profile and search your major to explore your options.
  • Talk with instructors/advisors in your chosen major pathway for additional major/career and internship opportunities information.

IV. Declare!
Follow these final steps to start the journey along your major pathway:

  • Ask any unanswered questions. Talk with instructors/advisors in the major of your choice for more detailed information, if needed.
  • Complete the Change of Major Form . Stop by the Advisement Center, located in the  Student Success Center, Suite 116, if you need assistance with the form.
  • Submit the form.  You may submit the completed form in the Advisement Center, or you may submit the form to the Records Office, located in the Floyd-Payne Campus Center, Suite 305.
  • Begin your journey!

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