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Our Mission

The mission of the TSU Tiger Tutoring Program is to provide access to academic assistance and to motivate students to succeed by actively involving them in the course material outside of class.  The program hires peer tutors from all different types of majors and backgrounds to assist students within the learning support centers.

The Tiger Tutoring program is designed to provide academic support in various subjects, utilizing students who may have a higher grasp on first and second year subject matter. Tiger Tutoring’s foremost goal is to identify the source of its students’ academic difficulty, and then subsequently direct them to tutors who specialize in the respective course, as well as advise the students of campus resources.

Meet Our Peer Tutors


Autumn Carter

Math Tutor

Class of 2018

Major: Electrical Engineering

Hometown: Knoxville, TN

Visit the Math Lab for assistance from Autumn!


Amber Hawkins

Writing Tutor

Class of 2018

Major: Political Science

Minor: English

Hometown: Memphis, TN

Visit the Writing Center for assistance from Amber!


Jose Lazo

Writing Tutor

Class of 2019

Major: Political Science

Hometown: Smyrna, TN

Visit the Writing Center for assistance from Jose!


James  Cooke

Writing Tutor

Class of 2017

Major: English

Hometown: Nashville, TN

Visit the Writing Center for assistance from James!


Jordan Thompson

Reading/Writing Tutor

Class of 2017

Major: Nursing

Hometown: Dyersburg, TN

Visit the Reading Center for assistance from Jordan!

Additional Support

    TUTORME Online Tutoring (click HERE for instructions on how to sign up)
    Boswell Hall, Rm 106 - STEM Tutoring
    Holland Hall, Rm 111 - College of Business Tutoring
    PASS Tutoring, Room 202 Student Success Center from 4:30 - 8:00 p.m.
    Math Lab
    Reading Center
    Writing Center

*Individual academic departments and colleges may also offer tutoring opportunities and services

Interested in Tutoring?

If you have interest in working with skilled student tutors or you yourself are interested in tutoring, contact us! (Students must currently be enrolled as an undergraduate at TSU.)

Tutoring Coordinator

Thomas Hrycyk

Thomas Hrycyk








If you need assistance or have questions about PASS Tutoring in either the Boswell Hall or Student Success Center, contact Dr. Belinda Lee at blee@tnstate.edu or 615-963-7523