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Welcome to the Writing Center!

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      The Writing Center provides support to University students by conducting Learning Support Workshops for English 1010 as well as group or individual tutorial sessions for students enrolled in writing courses throughout the university.  In order to receive assistance, a student may be instructor-referred  or self-referred.   Once a student is enrolled in the Center for assistance in writing, he/she works on a program designed to fit the student's needs as indicated by a diagnostic test (usually a writing sample) administered by the Center or the referral sheet submitted by the classroom instructor. The student works on this individualized program of study at his/her own pace. Students may enroll in the Center to receive assistance with any and all stages of the writing process. 
      Each semester, the Writing Center offers workshops on various topics, including revising and editing, grammar and mechanics, and sentence structure. These workshops are open to students throughout the University. Workshops may also be designed and presented at the special request of instructors in the University. In the past, these workshops have focused on such topics as preparing for standardized writing tests, taking essay tests, writing the technical report, and writing the research paper. To schedule a special workshop, instructors may contact the director Dr. Johnanna Grimes at 963-5580 , or you may send an e-mail to jlgrimes@tnstate.edu .

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