Academic Recovery

Academic Recovery Registration Process 

Tennessee State University is dedicated to helping each student meet their academic goals.

For students returning to the University after Academic Suspension, we have outlined the process to register for courses within your returning semester. Upon return, students can only take up to 13 credit hours for the semester and are required to take an Academic Success Strategies course, UNIV 1020. 

Registration Instructions

Students returning from Academic Suspension, whether classified as freshmen, sophomore, junior or senior, will meet with a professional advisor or with the Coordinator of UNIV 1020 in the Advisement Center, located in the Student Success Center, Room 201.  

After you have been advised, fill out the registration form by building your schedule. You can access the courses offered as well as the days and times that they are offered via the myTSU system

Once your registration form is complete, visit the advisement center to meet with a professional advisor to confirm courses. The professional advisor will review your completed registration form to ensure that all course sections are open and that there are no time conflicts.

Once your schedule is approved, you will be registered for your courses within 48-72 hours. You will be contacted when your registration has been completed and you will be able to confirm your enrollment via the myTSU system.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact for assistance.

Helpful Forms and Resources
Registration Form 
Advisement Center 
Academic Suspension Appeals Process